About Mozat

Mozat is a technology company with a global ambition.

With a keen passion and focus on gaming, live streaming and fashion intelligence, we strive to the enrich lives of our consumers through the limitless capacity of mobile innovation.

Even before the boom of the mobile industry, a group of visionaries were convinced that mobile was going to become a way of life.

Mozat was thus born in 2003, with a vision to enrich life through mobile. 
Driven by passion and innovation, Mozat pushes boundaries time and again to create lifestyle products that stand at the forefront of technology.

Today, the company has an international footprint with offices in South East Asia, Greater China and the Middle East.

With tenacity and skill, we have set a few “first” within the industry
Earliest Desktop messaging gateway
First ever
Mobile chat application
First Interactive mobile broadcasting technology
First Artificial intelligence (A.I.) fashion engine

Our History

  • Loops monthly revenue surpasses S$1M in Feb 2018.
  • Implemented Guest Video and PK features on Loops.
  • Loops user base hits 4M in June 2018.
  • We are moved to new office – 79 Science Park Drive #05-05 SG (118264)
  • Deja reached the number 1 spot on appstore and google play, where 1 in 5 Singaporean ladies aged 18-35 years old were using Deja as their fashion companion.
  • Integrated first live game, Hunger Games, on Loops where users are able to play in the live room.
  • Launched Loops Challenge. Users win the prizes after answering quiz questions correctly.
  • Launched Deja, our fashion and lifestyle A.I. app, offering an unprecedented personalised shopping experience curated from the world of fashion.
  • Rings.TV signed a MOU with mm2 Asia and Singapore Press Holdings to develop RINGS LIVE, which on-boarded 200 businesses, and garnered a viewership of 1.5Million per month.
  • Collaborated with SmaaT to launch Loops Live, an interactive mobile broadcasting application targeted at regional markets in Saudi Arabia. Within 6 months of its launch, Loops Live on-boarded over 100 key influencers and more than 380 thousand users.
  • Launched Rings.TV, a ground-breaking interactive mobile broadcasting platform that equipped influencers and companies with professional live streaming capabilities for events, concerts, press conferences and exclusive content, at the most competitive prices.
  • With the advent of free-to-use mobile chat applications, we made the strategic decision to exit chat application development and focus on developing fashion A.I. and live broadcasting mobile technologies.
  • Launched Shabik - a chat application - in collaboration with STC, Saudi Arabia’s largest telecommunications service provider
  • Shabik was the fastest growing social network in Saudi Arabia, enriching the lives of more than 700,000 users in just 3 months.
    By 2012, Shabik had raked in revenues of more than SGD100Million from a paid subscription base of 1.2Million.
  • Ventured into mobile gaming with Ocean Age and Invaders.
  • Invaders stayed top-5 and top-10 on Google Play Store and Apple App store respectively, for over 2 consecutive years.
  • Launched Morange, an all-in-one chat application
  • By 2009, Morange was the most successful Java app with millions of users in Southeast Asia,
    Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
  • Launched M2U, the world’s first breakthrough desktop MMS gateway, delivering internet content to mobile phones
  • M2U was sold to almost every province in China
  • Birth of MOZAT by a group of PhD students from the National University of Singapore Computer Science faculty, working on MMS (multimedia messaging service) technology
  • These students were convinced that mobile phones would one day displace the PC as one’s most important gadget



We believe that everyone at MOZAT is on a journey of growth - from being a novice to becoming an expert in the field.

MOZAT endeavours to offer the best working experience to every staff member, ensuring that everyone has a chance to realise their personal and professional potential. We live by “TRIP” – a culture that lays the foundation for our relationship with our colleagues, customers and business associates:


Everyone has a unique talent and capability to bring to the table

We work together, and complement one another’s strengths to create the best products that users love


Creating a positive work environment

We listen more and judge less


We believe in the constant need to seek improvements in our pursuit of excellence

It can be small progressive steps or big breakthroughs - what matters most is that we keep moving forward


Every breakthrough product begins with a passion for creation

We celebrate a healthy obsession with pushing 

OUR Executive Team

Michael Yin


Faisal Al-Khamisi


Bryan Loh


Jiang Youxiing


Wu Huanan

VP of Technology

Behind the Name

The name Mozat was inspired by the great composer and musician, Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, who has significantly influenced countless composers and musicians of successive generations. His work is considered the pinnacles of their genres, transcending age, time and space. 

Just as Mozart’s music has touched many, we are on a relentless pursuit of excellence – to be able to move people and inspire creativithy across industries and consumers.